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d love of my life....

doing wat it takes to have u....

10 September 1975
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Hi! My name is JenQt1. Nice to mit yah. i am alone. i am always lonely. I simply just can't take this life anymore! This life of myn is wierd. How should i start saying it? LOLOLOLOL. WHAT IS A BIO? OK,,... my journal is about me and the love of my life. MY LOVE LIFE THAT IS. I SHOULD START TALKING ABOUT FRIENDS AND LOVERS HERE.... AND OF COURSE "THE LOVE OF MY LIFE". WHY SHOULDN'T I? Oh well. i will also talk about my wierd everyday life. I just wish i can keep up with this. I wanna keep all my friends entertained. Plz be entertained into reading the , my Life.

Ok, there is this guy named bLue. U would meet him here. I just hope that you will get enough of him. Well, there r also other ppls that i will talk about here... But i will mostly talk about bLue.... , my home boys, friends and lovers. Enjoy!